Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Sorry for the hiatus. I've been way busy doing absolutely nothing. Well, that's not completely true. I saw Jenn and Christina a few days ago and we had a fun love-fest. I saw Juno again with Bryce yesterday to uphold our annual Jewish Christmas tradition (we had Chinese food the night before) and make the best of Jesus' birthday. And the movie's really good, too. Aside from those things, I've basically been nocturnal. I sleep all day and wake up anywhere from 6 pm to 8 pm to the next day and then I'm awake til about 7 am- 9 am, fall asleep and then the vicious cycle starts itself again. I like to call it summer mode. Oh, summer mode. 

P.S. Sam, why are you MIA!!??

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hoey 101

Wow. Those poor Spears parents. First their amazingly hot, talented and sane older daughter became the opposite of everything in that list over the course of 12 months and now their successful, virginal and pure youngest daughter Jamie Lynn ain't no virgin no mo. Quite the opposite. She's fucking pregnant. How the hell does that shit happen? I wasn't aware Lynn Spears was that awful of a mother. Seriously, Lynn, keep yo kids on a leash! Jesus. I kind of don't want to believe it. But then again, she is "country," as Britney likes to say all the time in her interviews.

Anyway, on to other things...

Ilana left today and Ali left yesterday. Waaah. Sad times. Meh. But the Tila finale is on tonight, which makes it a little better that we've been separated. And I'm in total summer mode, which makes me happy, too. And my friends are coming home soon!

Sam wanted me to make this blog post really long so that she wouldn't have to study whilst in HSL. Sorry, Sam. =)

oh and Hi Jordan. 

peace bitchezzzz

Monday, December 17, 2007


This weekend was really interesting. It was the last weekend that we would all be together at NYU for the first semester. And Bryce, Alex and Melissa were here, too! So we were all planning on going to some rave that ended up being in Bumblefuck, Brooklyn....seriously, no one knew where the hell we were. And we were all too drunk to actually go into the rave when we got there (by everyone, I mean M) =). Some of us were molested, peed in the middle of the street and fell all over the place on the L train...I'm not naming names. All in all, it was a good night on Saturday. On Sunday, I returned back to Brooklyn but to a place in Brooklyn I actually recognized. My home and Bryce's home! All in all, it was a good weekend. 

Saturday, December 15, 2007


So tonight at like 3 AM, Kenny, Alex, Lydia, Lizzie and I went to the Garden Cafe for wine and pie. The place was so "romantical" (oh, 6 year old Lydia). It was actually kind of wonderful. The pie was really good and so was the wine. Afterwards we watched Kenny for an hour whilst he smoked his giant-ass cigar and all bonded over everything. Even the drunken bums that were walking by Hayden seemed so endearing. Once again, it was kind of wonderful. Love my roomates, love my floormates. <3

Thursday, December 13, 2007

starbucks @ midnight

NYU would have their Starbucks open 24 hours during final week. Ali and I went and got our traditional Venti Iced Coffees and it was great, as usual. Kenny and Alex would be there, too.

ian phillips

Ian Phillips is probably the coolest person. I haven't met him yet, but that doesn't matter. True story.

So on a raisin break, Ali, Sam and I saw two cute shnoogs. One of them was such a stoner shnoog because it was a Coon Hound (haha, coon) and it had blood shot eyes and the other was a Chocolate Lab shnoog who was immediately drawn to the Corn Snorkler. A good after dinner surprise, if I do say so myself.

melting snowman

Wow, the weather today is absolutely disgusting. I had to walk to Lafayette Street today (which, granted, is a pretty long walk from my dorm by my standards) and I made the stupid decision to wear my Converse and not to take an umbrella. So basically my feet were icicles. No, not icicles, pieces of frozen meat. Going into the EWC I felt like a melting snowman. Jordan reminded me of that Campbells soup commercial from our childhood in which the snowman goes back into his house, eats his delicious chicken noodle soup and melts back into a real boy!! That was me! The Campbells Snowman! Campbells chicken noodle, possibilites...Anyway, so I handed in my final assignment of the semester and I couldn't be happier that I have nothing to do. I can actually live in the city and well, just live. On a shnoog note, there were not many shnoogs out today, due to the weather I suppose. I was kinda sad, not gonna lie.

Much love to the Phillips family for taking the time out to read my mumblings. Much love.

Shout out to Ali for being the person that she is and being photographed in that amazingly amazing picture that makes Ilana laugh uncontrollably in the Hayden Study Lounge.

Shout out to Lee for making fun of my nose bleeds...


Ah! It's sort of snowing again today. There really is nothing like New York City in the Winter. It's unbeatable. Anywho, I was awoken at 7 AM-ish this morning to some of the best news I've heard in a long time. Kenny informed me that Facebook removed the "is" from our status updates, which is amazing. I believe my half-unconscious reaction was "holy shit no wayy? are you lying??" If I wasn't so tired I would have gotten up right then and there and checked but I decided to wait until I actually woke 12. So thanks Facebook for doing such a kind thing for all us collegiates out there. The "is" will definitely not be missed. Heather from ANTM will still be missed.

shout outs to all those people who actually read this and sort of give a shit about this blog. haha.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I forgot to mention that after my last class of the semester, my mom and I went to a taping of "The View." Yes, "The View," the show targeted at new mothers and post-menopausal women. However, we did get tons and tons of free shit and it was actually kind of enjoyable. It was also nice spending time with my mom.

So Ilana wants me to list the shiz I got.
Here it goes...

-$200 gift card to Ann Taylor ( I was overwhelmed with excitement)
-As Ilana called it, "The most fucking amazing wallet" which I can upload my digital pictures to. It's truly somethingg amazzzzzing.
-Diddy cologne and perfume
-Old Navy gift cards
-some Philosophy shit
-a pair of three gloves... well I guess it's not a a pair, more like a cluster
-personalized wine
-classic holidays films on DVD (i.e. Rudolph and Frosty)
-a cookbook
-a cd by Chris Botti
-some other shiz I can't remember

xoxo joco

last day of the semester

Today was the last day of a semester that felt a lot shorter than three months. In order to celebrate the end of the semester, NYU threw a midnight breakfast extravaganza which they called "peace, love and pancakes." In the words of Sam "Corn Snorkler-Loosen Up My Buttons" Jinishian, it was delectable. Before going to the breakfast-ness, we watched the finale of ANTM and let me tell you, we all kind of missed Heather. Well, we missed making fun of her. I will also miss making fun of Translene and her "lyfe az a covewww gewrllll." On our walk back from the midnight breakfast, Jordan pointed out to me that there was a big shnoog in the little shnoog run in Washington Sqaure Park. That was just not right. It was off, unbalanced and unshnoog-worthy. Whilst watching "Mean Girls" with Jordan, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester here at NYU; even though I missed my friends from home with all my heart, I am so happy and enthralled with all of my new friends here. Love my bitches...

P.S. Jessica Alba? Preggers?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Me: I don't wanna tell you what I did this weekend...
Siegel: What??
Me: I made a blog...
Siegel: No you didn't! Did you really?
Me: Yeah.
Siegel: What did you write about? Shnoog?
Me: Maybe...

The first time Jordan Siegel met the shnoog was when we were Juniors, the day before the AP English exam. Before this time, the shnoog never went on the couch or any furniture for that matter. That night Jordan slept on the couch. That night the shnoog slept on the couch, as well. Ever since then, the shnoog has been obssessed with Jordan and he has made the couch his favorite spot to dwell. Coincidence? Probably.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

ilana0829 (9:26:32 PM): we wanna hang out
ilana0829 (9:26:38 PM): and u always pick shnoog over us

See, I wasn't exaggerating.

The shnoog had a riveting day today. Soccer in the morning, a walk around the park in the afternoon, eating, sleeping and sleeping some more at night. Oh, the life of a dog.

my first post

So, I will dedicate my first post to the dog who inspired the name of this blog...the one and only shnoog. The shnoog has gotten me through many a hard time and I'm going to use this form of mass communication to declare my love for him. That is all.

P.S. Whenever I go pick the shnoog over my friends, I'm truly sorry. I don't mean to do it intentionally. He's just too darn cute.