Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ah! It's sort of snowing again today. There really is nothing like New York City in the Winter. It's unbeatable. Anywho, I was awoken at 7 AM-ish this morning to some of the best news I've heard in a long time. Kenny informed me that Facebook removed the "is" from our status updates, which is amazing. I believe my half-unconscious reaction was "holy shit no wayy? are you lying??" If I wasn't so tired I would have gotten up right then and there and checked but I decided to wait until I actually woke 12. So thanks Facebook for doing such a kind thing for all us collegiates out there. The "is" will definitely not be missed. Heather from ANTM will still be missed.

shout outs to all those people who actually read this and sort of give a shit about this blog. haha.

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sexybitch420 said...

omigah really? haha u would.