Wednesday, December 12, 2007

last day of the semester

Today was the last day of a semester that felt a lot shorter than three months. In order to celebrate the end of the semester, NYU threw a midnight breakfast extravaganza which they called "peace, love and pancakes." In the words of Sam "Corn Snorkler-Loosen Up My Buttons" Jinishian, it was delectable. Before going to the breakfast-ness, we watched the finale of ANTM and let me tell you, we all kind of missed Heather. Well, we missed making fun of her. I will also miss making fun of Translene and her "lyfe az a covewww gewrllll." On our walk back from the midnight breakfast, Jordan pointed out to me that there was a big shnoog in the little shnoog run in Washington Sqaure Park. That was just not right. It was off, unbalanced and unshnoog-worthy. Whilst watching "Mean Girls" with Jordan, I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester here at NYU; even though I missed my friends from home with all my heart, I am so happy and enthralled with all of my new friends here. Love my bitches...

P.S. Jessica Alba? Preggers?

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