Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I forgot to mention that after my last class of the semester, my mom and I went to a taping of "The View." Yes, "The View," the show targeted at new mothers and post-menopausal women. However, we did get tons and tons of free shit and it was actually kind of enjoyable. It was also nice spending time with my mom.

So Ilana wants me to list the shiz I got.
Here it goes...

-$200 gift card to Ann Taylor ( I was overwhelmed with excitement)
-As Ilana called it, "The most fucking amazing wallet" which I can upload my digital pictures to. It's truly somethingg amazzzzzing.
-Diddy cologne and perfume
-Old Navy gift cards
-some Philosophy shit
-a pair of three gloves... well I guess it's not a a pair, more like a cluster
-personalized wine
-classic holidays films on DVD (i.e. Rudolph and Frosty)
-a cookbook
-a cd by Chris Botti
-some other shiz I can't remember

xoxo joco


ilana said...


Kenny said...

Please hide the Diddy cologne for Shrek-related purposes.

sexybitch420 said...

i expect a trip to ann taylor at some point in the near future. i need professional lady clothes.