Thursday, December 13, 2007

melting snowman

Wow, the weather today is absolutely disgusting. I had to walk to Lafayette Street today (which, granted, is a pretty long walk from my dorm by my standards) and I made the stupid decision to wear my Converse and not to take an umbrella. So basically my feet were icicles. No, not icicles, pieces of frozen meat. Going into the EWC I felt like a melting snowman. Jordan reminded me of that Campbells soup commercial from our childhood in which the snowman goes back into his house, eats his delicious chicken noodle soup and melts back into a real boy!! That was me! The Campbells Snowman! Campbells chicken noodle, possibilites...Anyway, so I handed in my final assignment of the semester and I couldn't be happier that I have nothing to do. I can actually live in the city and well, just live. On a shnoog note, there were not many shnoogs out today, due to the weather I suppose. I was kinda sad, not gonna lie.

Much love to the Phillips family for taking the time out to read my mumblings. Much love.

Shout out to Ali for being the person that she is and being photographed in that amazingly amazing picture that makes Ilana laugh uncontrollably in the Hayden Study Lounge.

Shout out to Lee for making fun of my nose bleeds...

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